The writers of the petition 

Concerned, as many others, about the current situation, the three main advocates of this petition are members of the musical world contemplating how things will stand after the pandemic, in particular the role of classical music in the post-crisis world. Like other collectives, they are putting forward a stance that the musical world can adopt, to demand that we use this chance to reassess the current model, which is showing, now more than ever, its limits.

Pierre Barrois is the director of the l’Orchestre Français des Jeunes (OFJ). In this position, he feels particularly concerned by the multiple issues impacting the future careers of young musicians. Given the current situation, it seemed essential for him to launch a petition calling on the public authorities, and the musical sector as a whole, to tackle our environmental problems.


Louise Lapierre is a bassoon player, whose status as a free lance allows her to work for a number of ensembles and orchestras whilst also teaching. Conscious of the environmental problems we face, she implements in her daily life principals that reflect her ecological convictions. Added to this, she tries to find and share a coherent vision of her career.

Gilles Schuehmacher is a composer and teacher. Since the autumn of 2018, and following the pressing calls of leading figures such as Aurélien Barrau, Nicolas Hulot, and Antonio Guterre, he has been raising awareness amongst those around him of the need to act and implement a rapid social evolution, both on a personal and professional level. To this end, he co-founded in 2018, alongside Vanessa Sanfilippo, the collective ‘Action-Musique-Climat’. 

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